Food Glorious Food!

Food is a subject very close to my heart, and here in Courchevel we have a plethora of choice when it comes to dining, both on the slopes and at the various resort levels.  As we are NOT on holiday, however (despite what many of our friends might think!), we're not out there tucking into big lunches every time we go skiing, but we do enjoy a few hot chocolate stops.  So, for a change, and following fab reviews from some of our friends here, my friend Jane and I decided last week that we really ought to stop at the  Cave des Creux restaurant and see what all the fuss was about!
Dish of the day was "Gigot d'agneau a la cheminee" or leg of lamb cooked over the fire to you and I - my mouth was certainly watering!
However it was only 11:30am and we were only on a hot chocolate stop after all, so we managed to contain ourselves.....unlike the couple sat by the fire next to us who were steadily making their way through a bottle of champers and a delicious looking mountain platter with "gooey" cheese and charcuterie - and why not!
So, we still haven't actually eaten there, but the hot chocolate was great, and I would return to try the dessert trolley alone:
Giles and I did, however indulge ourselves the other night at the Bistrot Du Praz.  With friends holidaying over in Meribel, Le Praz was a good central meeting point for all of us, and the Bistrot always delivers.  In my opinion, the starters are the most interesting, with a very unusual "beaufort mousse with eggs cooked at 64 degrees" (good reports), a choice of hot or cold foie gras, tuna sashimi (which Giles would have had but they had no wasabi!), oysters and various others.  On the starter "suggestions" they had one langoustine soup left, which had my name written all over it - oh it was good!  The remainder of the meal was basically meat - simple but well executed, although I had hoped to see some more interesting fish dishes on the menu.  We had no room for pud, but some of our party shared a café gourmande which looked excellent.  Just a coffee for me, followed by complimentary genepis all round.
Another exciting new culinary venture here is by the folks at Keeters Catering, who have started a regular Indian curry delivery service, with drop-off points at various villages all over the valley.  At 15 Euros per person for a main curry dish, rice, home-made garlic naan, poppadums and chutney, we reckon it's a pretty good deal and it's the nearest we get to the takeaways we enjoy in the UK.  Our order is in for Wednesday! 
But for now, I will tuck into my home made sweet potato and parsnip, Shelley, when do the Body Pump classes start again?!